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Mista Pat is headed to YouTube as he explores exciting careers featuring the most amazing people and companies!

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We are seeking amazing people who want to inspire children of color and other underrepresented kids to pursue the careers of their dreams!

Frequently asked questions

What results can I expect?

Most students already achieve lasting change after a few days or weeks in their strategic actions and thus also get better results. We have students that come to us before the exams and we helped them to improve exam performance but also reduced pressure. Some come with challenges that address more the personal student life which we step by step address. So not matter what your concern might be and which semester you are in, we most likely can help you!

What is the difference between tutoring and your coaching service?

We have worked together with many students quite extensively and know by now that almost all problems are not caused by a lack of knowledge or study resources.

The main reasons for student life issues go way beyond surface knowledge. They are rooted in human motivation & personality.

That’s why we offer a complete solution for holistic success in your student life which is the foundation for your future career and personal fulfillment.

How much does a coaching cost?

To begin with: Our service is not a package of pasta you can buy in the supermarket or a course for which you sign up. We first want to get to know the individual with their challenges and goals, to see whether we can actually help.

Since we offer lasting and complete solutions, working together is connected with a lot of effort from our side. The investment varies and depends on where you are, where you want to be and how fast it should go.

Our promise: We will provide full transparency at all times and have the goal to offer every student a professional coaching session with lots of value- independent of whether you decide to work together with us.

Fill in the formula and you will get an individual coaching strategy session with an individual offer, simple and easy.

Can anyone do the coaching?

We are in a position where we can freely choose with whom we want to work. Our dream clients are students that value personal development and are ready to invest time, money and effort. Those who have the expectation towards themselves to keep developing, never stop learning and make a positive difference in our society. Exactly how we do it with Mindshift. This is our virtue. If this resonates with you, fill out the formula and let’s get to know each other!