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Crazy, Cool Careers
in Technology


The Most Amazing Career Day

Presentation Ever!


Mista Pat

Special Preview 

Shows Scheduling NOW!

A Live Animated
Virtual Presentation

  • What is the presentation about?
    The presentation is an exciting interactive presentation exploring amazing careers in technology. The live animated host, Mista Pat, will guide students on a fun and educational adventure.
  • What is the cost of the presentation?
    During the special preview period, the presentation is free for qualified schools and organizations. The booking of the show is subject to scheduling and availability.
  • How long is the presentation?
    The show is about 15 minutes long with a few minutes reserved for questions and answers.
  • How do we watch the presentation?
    The presentation will be available through a video conferencing platform like Zoom or Google Meet. The classroom should be equipped with a large monitor or overhead projector to watch the show as well as speakers for the sound.
  • What are the suitable ages for the presentation?
    The presentation will appeal to elementary students from grades 3, 4, and 5 although students of all ages will enjoy it.
  • What about privacy concerns?
    The students will not be visible on the Zoom presentation. The host, Mista Pat, will interact primarily with the instructor. The instructor may relay questions from the students to Mista Pat.
  • How do we schedule a presentation?
    We are currently accepting reservations for our show during our special preview period. Use the form below to reserved your date. Viewing times for the show is typically in the morning.

Reserve Your Date

We will contact you about scheduling and to answer any questions

Thanks for registering.

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