Can a ground breaking kid's TV show inspire our future workforce? 

"TechXploration with Mista Pat" is an amazing technology show for kids currently in development by nonprofit The Mista Pat Project with the intent to be nationally televised on PBS

From flying cars to back flipping robots to amazing startup companies, Mista Pat will show that anything is possible and encourage children of all ages to dream BIG!

"Mista Pat is the Mr. Rogers of technology for a whole new generation!"

As a young kid growing up in South Central Los Angeles, Mista Pat was fascinated with science and technology. As an adult, he was inspired by his 4 year old son, Logan, to co-found a company called Kids That Code, Inc. in San Bernardino, California that teaches young children computer programming and other STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) related subjects. He realized that underrepresented and underprivileged children were fascinated with technology but not participating in the technology revolution. Mista Pat says "they can't be what they can't see!" To that end, Mista Pat is dedicated to inspire young children to one day become the amazing people who will create the companies, products, and services that are changing our world. 

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