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Meet the Alumni

Let us take a moment to recognize the alumni that helped make our vision come into a reality. They each made an impact within their roles that will last for years to come.

We wish them the best on their future endeavors!

Kelly Ang.png

Kelly Ang


Kelly Ang is from Singapore. She is currently majoring in Nutrition at Brigham Young University. In the future she would like to continue her work in non profits organizations with a heavier focus on the nutrition sector.

Ang has a huge passion for working in non profits. She works meticulously with the fundraising team to create efficient fundraising strategies.

Julia DiBeneditto


DiBeneditto helped with the character design of Mista Pat. She also helped with scripting and storyboarding for the Mista Pat episodes.

MP Project-06.png
Alexa Fisher.png

Alexa Fisher


Alexa Fisher is from Birmingham, Alabama. She recently graduated from the University of Alabama with a major in Creative Media and Communication Studies. Before joining the company she worked at Alabama Public Television, Sidewalk Film Festival and Center for Public Television. At these places she learned about media, public television and how to create research videos.

Fisher has been a valuable asset to the team. Her researching and editing skills have allowed our compilation show to thrive. The compilation team makes sure to supply clear and concise videos that can be understood by all ages.

Jade Saunders


Jade Saunders is from Vancouver, Canada. At Claremont McKenna College she double majored in Economics and Chinese. Before joining the organization she worked as a marketing intern with two different organizations. She has experience with starting social media campaigns and managing social media accounts, in addition to implementing new campaigns. In the future she wishes to apply her double majors in a career of international business.

Saunders puts great care into her marketing campaigns. In the organization she helped us prepare for our Career Day Presentation. She is a great help in keeping track of all of our promotional materials.

Jade Saunders.png
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