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Career Day



We are partnering with incredible companies and organizations to help us bring our amazing Career Day presentation to elementary schools throughout the Inland Empire

Let us together encourage our children to  pursue a career in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) by giving them an opportunity to meet a real professional

Children Can't Be, What They Can't See

Give us few minutes of your time to inspire a child

Adopt a School

Select a elementary school in your area that you would like to help

Be our guest on Career day

Join us on career day and let our volunteers give an amazing presentation. We will introduce you as our special guest who can meet and interact with students  

Leave a lasting impression

Make the day memorable by leaving behind a small souvenir from your company such as a pencil, eraser, or bookmark. 

Get More Information

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  • What is The Mista Pat Project?
    We are a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization dedicated to educating underrepresented and underprivileged students on the many exciting career pathways in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math).
  • Who is Mista Pat?
    Pat Person is the Executive Director of the nonprofit The Mista Pat Project and the voice of the animated character "Mista Pat". He teaches at California State University, San Bernardino in the College of Entrepreneurship (CSUSB). (Note: The Mista Pat Project is not supported or endorsed by CSUSB)
  • What is the presentation about?
    The event is an exciting interactive presentation exploring careers in technology. We will talk about robotics, automation, space travel, animation and much more! The live animated host, Mista Pat, will guide students on a fun and educational adventure.
  • What is the cost of the presentation?
    During the special preview period, the presentation is free for qualified schools, organizations, and nonprofits that benefit children. The booking of the show is subject to scheduling and availability.
  • How do we watch the presentation?
    The presentation will be available through a video conferencing platform called Zoom. The classroom should be equipped with a large monitor or overhead projector to watch the show as well as speakers for the sound.
  • How long is the presentation?
    The show is about 15 minutes long with a few minutes reserved for questions and answers.
  • How many students can view the presentation?
    We have the capacity for 100 users for our Zoom presentation. A classroom is considered one user so we can accomodate several classes or possibly an entire school.
  • What are the suitable ages for the presentation?
    The presentation will appeal to elementary students from grades 3, 4, and 5 although students of all ages will enjoy it.
  • What about privacy concerns?
    The students will not be visible on the Zoom presentation. The host, Mista Pat, will interact primarily with the instructor. The instructor may relay questions from the students to Mista Pat.
  • How do we schedule a presentation?
    We suggest you schedule our presentation a week or two before your school's actual career day activities as a way to promote and get the students excited about your own event. Of course, our presentation may be scheduled the same day as your career day event if scheduling permits. We are currently accepting reservations for our show during our special preview period. Use the form below to contact us for more information. The show is generally scheduled in the morning.
  • Watch Mista Pat on YouTube!
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